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Cascade Great Danes


Thumper just finished his Rally Novice title on Jan. 6th!  Now on to Rally Advanced!

CH Int CH Mystics CR Trouble Spot


Thumper earning a 4 point major with tough competetion at the supported entry at the St Croix Valley Kennel Club


Thumper on the move!


Thumper earning a 3 point major at the Land O' Lakes Kennel Club in St Paul, MN


Thumper loves to snuggle!


Thumper earning a 5 point major and Best of Winners at the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club Dog Show


Thumper earning his CD title after earning 1st place in a large class with a score of 197 1/2


Thumper earning his final point to become an AKC Champion!!


Baby Thumper!


It's raining out!


Thumper and Annie!
Thumper sleeping as usual.  He had a lot of growing to do!

Thumper recently finished his AKC championship with 3 majors!
In addition Thumper is an International Champion with multiple V-1 ratings.  Thumper has also proven himself in the obedience ring.  He was the number one Great Dane in Novice A obedience and number 3 in the working group.  In the Delaney Rating system Thumper was the number three obedience Dane in the United States for 2004!  In one weekend he earned two wins and a second in a large class with scores of 197 1/2, 197, and 196.
Thumper recently finished his Novice Rally title!  His scores were 97, 98, and 97.  Unfortunately the points lost were due to my mistakes not his!  Thumper is such an awesome worker!  I am so proud of him!
Thumper also makes visits to the nursing home for therapy work where his visits are always welcomed with much excitement!
Thumper is an exceptionally easy dog to train!!  He loves his toys and loves everyone who will give him attention!  He always receives much attention wherever he goes which he eats right up!
Thumper has a very silly personality and is always happy and often makes us laugh with his Scooby-Doo antics!