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Cascade Great Danes


We just bought a 8 week old Great dane puppy from Eileen. Eileen was so nice and answered all of our questions that we had about Tess and there was alot of questionswe had. We had Tess sent to our home in Orange County, Ca. and Eileen continued to be helpful even after the we recieved Tess. Thanks for everything Eileen! We love Tess, she is Beautiful!

Hi Eileen! Here are some pictures of Merlin. We've been so fascinated with him, we don't do much else but watch him! He is sooooo cute and sweet. He's everything that we could want. Here is a slideshow that Hans' mom made. I hope you enjoy it. We're going to take a family photo soon and we'll send that too! Thank you so much! Kristen

Hi Eileen and Holly,

I saw the pictures of the beautiful new litter of puppies. That Austin's awfully cute. Levi and I just wanted to say hello since we've been so bad about keeping in touch lately. Levi amazes me a little bit more every day. He's the best dog I've ever had. Week after next, we're taking the Canine Good Citizen test. I'll let you know how it goes. Kisses to Thumper and Tierza for us!

Corey and Levi

Hey Folks,
Long time no chat.  Just wanted to update you a little on Porter.
He is the love of our life, our buddy and child.  He is spoiled rotten.
At this point he is 136 lbs, tall and lean. He has the sweetest, calmest,
and most lovable disposition.
He has grown from an awkward pup to the most beautiful and elegant looking dog.
He has tolerated all our cats, iguana and whatever else takes up residence around here.  He has his own room and bed on the second floor but most times you will find him curled up on the couch with my husband.
He has been easy to train and is a breeze to take for walks despite his size.
The kids in the area love him because he is enormous compared to most of the local dogs, but he is also so friendly.
He has become a great friend and companion and I love him dearly.
Thanks, Terry Shell


I thought I would update you with the humor we live with.  Toby is Coal's name.  My son wanted to name him Travis or Hank.  Now my sons name is Travis and well Hank the Great Dane just didn't sound right.  Toby weighs 125 lbs and he likes grapes and cheese.  He taught us a game we call "Boo"  you have to chase him around the furniture, you have to chase him, he does not chase you.  That can go on for about 10 to 15 minutes then he jumps on the bed that is time to rest.  He likes to sleep on the bed with a fan on him.  He has taught Maggie the other great dane to let us know when she wants water.  When he wanted to go out side he would sniff the back of your neck or if your at the computer he pushes you away from it.  The latest is holding your finger behind his fang tooth closing his mouth just alittle than bring you to what he wants.  We love him very much.  He sleeps with my son but has been know to sneek into our bedroom and sneak up on the bed without me knowing.  As soon as I figure out our new camara I will send you a picture.  Renee Kennedy

Hey Everyone! I am sorry it has been so long since I have sent any pictures or even an update. Ryan is expected to deploy sometime in Aug. so he has begun his training workup. He now has 67 guys he will be taking with him this tour. So we will need our prayer warriors again. Well, we got a Great Dane at Christmas from a wonderful breeder out of Minnesota. When we got her she was 3 months and weighed 40lbs. She just turned 5 months on the 12th and she now weighs around 75-80lbs. She is growing like crazy. It is so neat. She is a very playful and loving girl. The kids love her. We did a family project a couple weeks ago and made her a huge pillow/bed. One side is very soft and warm the other is a lighter materail for the warmer days. So you can flip it back and forth. We all had a good time making it, then we surprised Sommer with it. I will try to send those pictures to. I know this was not very long but I will do my best to keep these updates going. God Bless you all, Joni Gordinier

Hi Eileen and Holly!

Here are a couple pictures of Sommer. She is now 115lbs. and she is now taller than Christian, which is 4'3. She is so motherly to the children and just loves to follow me around EVERYWHERE=). I hope you are doing well and I was wondering could you send a picture of Sommer's mom and dad. I was just curious on what they look like. God Bless you and hope you enjoy the pictures. Joni Gordinier

Lulu is the best thing that ever happened to us aside from our children....she is happily jumping on the children's beds and sleeping in her kennel still.  She loves walks. 

Just a few recent pics.....LuLu is beautiful.  We  have just switched her to Canine Plus food, which is made locally, and made of human grade healthful dog food.  It's a bit more expensive, but so far she loves it.  We also just had her spayed last week, and are starting her heartworm this week.  WE LOVE HER SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, the water pictures were after about an hour of convincing her to go up to her knees!  She actually ran in after a retriever and realized that she was over her head and PANICKED!!  Not that I'm laughing at her, but it was the funniest look on her face!  She swam back to shore in a heartbeat!  My favourite pic is of Noah hugging LuLu....he didn't even know I was taking it.  The kids and her are SOOOO close!  She loves them, and sleeps on one of their beds every night!  I love how she tucks her nose into you!



Splash is home in NJ, he was met at the airport last night with his whole new family present. he was a little apprehensive and nervous at first, but once he was home he really warmed up quick playing with the kids jumping all over them. the children are still on christmas vacation so splash slept with them in our family room. my wife is so impressed with splash's personality and demeanor, he hasn't had one accident, he's been outside several times to go to the bathroom. we just wanted to let you know how happy we are with splash, and what a great job you did loving and training splash. we will keep in touch and send pictures of splash as he grows.

have a great new year &thank you again.


From : The Fords in Georgia

I just had to tell you again how much we love Bea Dot!  She is now 16 months old, and we can fully see her “adult” personality and conformation.  People stop me all the time and tell me what a beautiful Dane specimen she is, with her long, straight top line, great rear angulation, deep chest, and GORGEOUS neck and head!  We see other Danes around our area, and none of them have Bea Dot’s regal quality.  She was a snap to train.  Her favorite treat is ... dried Banana chips!?!?

     Best of all, she has melted into our family and enjoys all our activities.  She goes out with us to soccer and to the beach, and she is always friendly with everyone, including other dogs and cats.  My daughters’ friends love to jump on the trampoline with her!  Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with ALL the details, but I just wanted you to know how blessed we feel to have found Bea Dot.  She is truly everything a Great Dane should be.
Warm regards,

The Fords