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Cascade Great Danes

About Great Danes

Most people are drawn to the Great Dane breed because of their large size and regal bearing.  However many people enter into the ownership of a Great Dane without really know what they are getting into.
Their sheer size is what makes them unique but what also makes them a breed with special needs and where training is very important.  A Great Dane puppy should never be fed a regular puppy food with protein contents of over 26 %.  In addition they should not be fed a food with excess calcium.  An immature Great Dane puppy should never be allowed to over exercise.  Too much protein, calcium, and/or over exercise can cause serious non-genetic joint disorders such HOD. 
In addition Great Danes are prone to bloat due to their large size combined with their deep chest. 
However they are steps to take that can help prevent bloat. 
Such as: feeding at chest level, feeding frequent meals to avoid gorging on food, softening food with water before feeding, not letting them drink large amount of water after eating dry food, and making them rest after eating. 
Also Great Danes are not typically a long lived dog also due to their giant size.  Average life span is 7-10 years of age.  Typically the larger Danes have shorter life spans than a smaller Dane. 
Also a Great Dane puppy must be taught while he is still young how to have manners and how to behave around people as what is cute when they are still small won't be so cute when they are as large as a person :)  A Great Dane puppy should be taught how to be gentle with children and other pets as they often don't know their own strength.  They should be taught not to jump on people as jumping can be quite dangerous especially with children and the elderly. 
I always recommend that you take your Great Dane to obedience/socialization classes.  While Great Danes are very easy to train the class setting is best as they learn to obey even when distracted.  In addition Great Danes are typically very sensitive so their trainer must be fair, kind, consistent, yet firm. 
I recommend crate training as this is the best way to prevent accidents and to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble when you can't watch him.  Also because Dane puppies grow so rapidly and need plenty of rest, their crate is the perfect place for napping and growing! 
The unconditional love and admiration that a Great Dane has for their family makes them an ideal family companion!  They are usually excellent with children and make wonderful therapy dogs if properly trained!  Great Danes are truly a gift from the good Lord!!