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Cascade Great Danes

Thumper just finished his Rally Novice title on Jan. 6th!  We are so proud of him!
Home of:
CH Int CH Mystics CR Trouble Spot

Here at Cascade Great Danes we are striving to produce Great Danes that are true to the breed type in every way but also make the ideal family companion and have the trainability and temperament to compete in performance events!

Our Danes are our beloved family pets, they live in our home with us under foot and on our laps (whatever fits)!  Our puppies are also born and raised in our home and are only placed in approved homes.  We are very careful to insure that each puppy is properly socialized so they go to their new homes as well adjusted, happy puppies!

Most of our puppies are placed into pet homes but we sometimes make an exception for serious show homes where they will also be a family pet. 

Once someone adopts a puppy from us we consider that the beginning of a relationship not the end.  So we are always available for questions and of course love getting updates and pictures!